Our Friends

We want you to know more about wool and its wonderful attributes.

Rather than fill our website with information that has already been done superbly…. Please take the time to visit www.woolmark.com to learn about all the reasons we at Scanlan Wool are so passionate about this wonderful fibre, that is Merino Wool.

We would also like to acknowledge the assistance and expertise we have gained from the team at Australian Wool Innovation in starting our journey into taking our “farm to fibre to fashion”.

You will notice on our unique and funky zipper puller that the Woolmark sits boldly.


We also would like to steer you in the direction of protecting your children from synthetics and man made fibres with another innovative and quality range of garments.

The Scanlan Collective features extra superfine merino at its absolute best and designed for babies and toddlers.


If you are a wool-grower and not currently a client of Scanlan Wool and simply want to see your wool marketed “like no-one else”, then your first point of call is Scanlan Wool  or simply drop in and see us at 4 Chamberlain Street, O’Connor.

Most of all we would like to thank Australian, particularly Western Australian, wool growers for their dedication to growing merino wool.  We have never produced less wool in Australia and productions levels are at a critical level.  We hope that with the SWOOLLY movement we can give go some way to providing some longer term surety to a group of dedicated, Western Australian Wool growers.

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