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Western Australian Merino

 Naturally Grown..Naturally Sourced..Naturally Worn.


As you can see at SWOOLLY, we believe Western Australian merino wool deserves to be showcased for the premium quality that it is.

We are producing a sweater that will convince people that merino wool has no equal for comfort and style.

We’re retailing the SWOOLLY at a price that makes it an easy decision to wear and buy wool. 

We're proving wool can be easy to care for.  The SWOOLLY is 100% machine washable

We aim to produce a sweater that will be affordable enough to be worn by so many, that the amount of wool consumed will enable us to directly contract wool-growers to produce wool for the SWOOLLY program.

Listen to Steve's recent discussion with the WA Perth breakfast team.

To give you an idea. One typical Western Australian Merino sheep will produce in one year, enough wool to produce approximately 6-8 Swoollys.  A 180 kilogram bale of Merino wool would have enough to produce 240 SWOOLLYS.

Our long term goal is to use upwards of 5,000 bales per year. That's over 1 million sweaters.

We’ve partnered China’s most experienced and quality driven knitting company, Lian Hong Textile Co, in a long term project to produce quality wool products utilizing Western Australia's most  produced wool type.  That is 18.5 to 20.5 micron merino.

We know you'd love to have the SWOOLLY made in Australia.  It's just not possible for us to achieve our aim of mass wool consumption, producing best possible quality at a price point you cannot ignore.  Lian Hong have supported Australian wool for over 30 years, are WOOLMARK accredited and proven quality suppliers.

We’re using Western Australian 19.5 micron merino worsted yarn that has been treated by a process called mercerising. 

We’re using a 2 ply yarn - 2/48 which means that 4.8 kilograms of this yarn would stretch one kilometre.

The SWOOLLY weighs in at the optimum weight of around 400 grams.

This all results in a sweater that will feel luxuriously soft against the skin while maintaining it's sleek and luxurious look and not feel heavy.

Most importantly, it won’t scratch, it won’t shrink, and it won’t end up covered in lots of little woollen balls.

We’re also starting with a great, stylish but practical design that will have you looking and feeling great.

You will not only be looking great, feeling great but also assured in the knowledge you are part of a movement wearing a natural, renewable, biodegradable fibre that is good for our planet.

In wearing the SWOOLLY you are also directly helping rural families in need, with each on line sale directly donating $5 to the wool industry's foundation.  The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation.

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